Shake My Hand Like A Damn Man…

Shake My Hand Like A Damn Man…


I had the opportunity to shake the hands of two twenty something’s today..metro sexual males..well groomed, stylish attire..hip..But they had the weakest and sadly the most embarrassing handshakes..No pressure applied, no torque in their grip..I felt like I was violating their hands with my dominate grip and forceful shake..If you’re a Man… I really can’t express to you the importance of a good handshake. A great handshake is far and away the most important factor in both a good first impression and a good lasting impression after an interaction. I have heard the phrase “A great handshake serves as a bookend to almost all transactions between humans” So with that in mind mastering the handshake is an extremely important skill for any man to master.
So to give a brief lesson on the proper way to deliver a great handshake..two factors are key..Pressure and Sincerity..They say the amount of pressure you apply is the most noticeable quality of a handshake..I would say between men the pressure applied is more important than the sincerity..So remember a little pressure never hurt anyone and if you leave the other person feeling the sensation a few seconds afterwards this is often considered a sign of sincerity as well.
When shaking hands with a woman, pressure should be much less than with a man, but that should not detract from your grip. Still give a firm handshake to a woman, but refrain from leaving a lasting pressure.
Sincerity is very much a part of a handshake. With men, be sure to look them in the eye, involve your entire hand (as opposed to just your fingers–that is the worst ever) and consider using your left hand to touch their shoulder encouragingly if they are an old friend or family member (not recommended when meeting someone for the first time). An additional handshake “trick move” is the two-hand shake, which indicates sincerity and eagerness to begin the transaction….this is common with many Southerners. With women… sincerity is more important than pressure. Eye contact and use of your entire hand will go a long way with showing a woman you are sincere in whatever social exchange is about to happen (or just happened).


Okay..So perhaps I just have a pet peeve about Handshakes, but you have been given the knowledge now..use it..become a master shaker instead of a master…


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