A Business Venture..

Sign at the entrance of Startup city, Washington


Business Venture…


I just read an article about a woman who sells hugs and cuddling..she charges $70 an hour and averages $400 a day…So I think I’m going to take this existing business model and modify it to fit the local clientele…I am still working on a proper name for this start-up, and will most likely also start a “Fund Me” page in order to get investors and might even entertain franchising opportunities..But right now the name isn’t as important as the services I can offer…I will list some random services in no particular order, just to give you a sampling of how useful this type of business can be…

~ Insect and Rodent Disposal: If saw a hideous insect or rodent scurrying across your floor but didn’t want to do the dirty work of killing it.. Call me.. I will come and dispose of the creature and included in this service will be one 15 sec. Hug of reassurance.
~ Sad Movie Hugs: Have you ever watched a sad, sappy movie and just wished at the end of it you had a man to give you a hug while you cried and vented about why this movie connected with you?..Call Me…If you call me 15 min prior to the end of the movie I will show up as it ends and you can get your Hug and cry your eyes out..I will even bring your own box of lavender-scented tissues for you to keep.
~Dinner Companion: Do you hate eating by yourself? Do you get tired of cooking just for you and your cat? Have you ever wanted to have stimulating dinner conversations but yet usually just end up eating a hot pockets while watching re-runs of sex in the city?…Call Me…I will meet you at any dining establishment or at your home for an enjoyable dinner full of conversation, positive reinforcements, and if you supply a list of topics beforehand I will make sure I can properly engage you in the topics you desire conversation on. also included in this service is one after dinner Hug (If you want a hug that lifts you off the ground that will be extra) 
~Clapper/Enthusiastic Supporter: If you have a presentation at work, or giving a speech somewhere, performing a routine , singing, dancing, competing in a sporting event..any activity where you want someone cheering for you…Call Me..I will show up to the event (if there is an admission charge you will need to cover that) and I will be your biggest and most vocal supporter..I will bring noise makers and mini-air horn..I will call out your name and make “routing” sounds and at the end of the event I will give you several “high fives” and take photos of you.
~Honest Opinions: Have you ever been un-sure of how you look in an outfit? Or made a craft but you’re not really sure if it’s any good..or had a brilliant idea but needed to bounce it off someone..wondering if your cooking is any good?…Call Me..I will show up and give you an honest..Un-bias opinion on any topic or question you may have..I will also include one Hug and a free box of tissues in case you take this un-bias opinion harshly.

I’m just scratching the surface here with all the potential services that can be offered in this new start-up..Be watching for more details.


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