Effort..Even a little Effort, over time, can make a YUGE difference…We can make small improvements and in time those small improvements can add up to an enormous advantage!
So how can YOU live today just a little bit better than yesterday?…There are thousands of Awesome possibilities.
Too often we strive for sudden, dramatic changes, and almost as often we are disappointed when they are beyond our reach. Yet the little improvements, the ones no one notices, are the most reliable and consistent way to move forward.
Yes, it takes Discipline, but so what?…Discipline is nothing more than desire that has become smart and has learned what works.
Reach for the big dreams, to be sure…And do it by taking small steps forward at every opportunity. Today is one of those opportunities to take a small, yet significant step. Take it now while YOU can, and tomorrow YOU will indeed be thankful YOU did.

You Can Do It!

If there is something YOU truly wish to do, there is a way to get it done…There is a way to cut through all the objections, obstacles and excuses to make it happen.
If YOU don’t know how, then YOU can learn…If YOU can’t find anyone to teach YOU, then YOU can figure out your own approach.
If YOU don’t have time, examine and update your priorities…. Remember why it’s important to YOU, and keep remembering as YOU continue taking effective action.
If it seems way too overwhelming, start with just a tiny first step. If YOU are not progressing fast enough, use a little bit of innovation to leverage your efforts.
Achievement is one of life’s greatest adventures…YOU owe it to yourself to enjoy as much of it as YOU possibly can.
Set yourself a meaningful goal and add some great new value to your world…Make the commitment to start right now, and YOU will quickly find that there’s a way.

Think Before YOU Act!

Have YOU ever done something foolish and then asked yourself afterward, “why did I do that?” It’s a good question. In fact its such a good question that it deserves to be pondered before taking action.
We’re tempted to do so many things out of habit, out of spite, or out of anger…More often than not, we come to regret the things we do and the words we say under such circumstances.
Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s really very simple to act, speak and live with intention…Just ask yourself, before taking action, what YOU expect to accomplish. Think of the pain that could be avoided by that simple question…Consider how much wasted effort could be redirected toward accomplishing something of value, just by acting with a little bit of forethought.
What do YOU expect to accomplish with what YOU are doing?…There’s no point in taking action, if it doesn’t get YOU anywhere…So think before YOU do. It only takes a moment, yet it can bring a lifetime of valuable rewards.


Yes, there will always be Obstacles in your life…Just don’t let yourself be one of them.
Your own Thoughts, Assumptions and Fears can hold YOU back just as well as a brick wall…And yet, just as YOU created those self-imposed Obstacles, YOU can let them go.
Yes, life is difficult and challenging, and requires great effort and commitment on your part…Instead of adding to the difficulty with your own negativity, YOU can choose to transform that difficulty into profound Awesomeness! .
Remind yourself what a privilege it is to be alive, and to be able to make a difference…Then, focus your awareness on the Positive possibilities and do what YOU do best.
Use your thoughts not to hold yourself back, but to push yourself Positively forward….Aim the power of your thoughts in a Positive, fulfilling direction and your whole life will go in that direction too.


Let’s talk about your Fears…Fear can be comforting because it seems so familiar. Yet, it is a false sense of comfort that will eventually bring YOU down.
Fear gives YOU permission to withdraw from life, to hide from life, and to avoid any kind of effort or action…But deep down, YOU know that’s not what YOU truly want.
Instead of seeking the comfort of the same old Fears, choose to allow yourself the joy of living. Instead of hiding away from life, remind yourself of the beautiful, unique, miraculous nature of your existence.
Regardless of what YOU have convinced yourself to believe, YOU do not have to live in Fear…The power of your fear is nothing more than the power YOU have given it…YOU can choose, right now, and always, to let it go.
Let the Fear go, and live your life with the Awesomeness that being Fearless brings!

What’s Your Standard Of Living?

Your standard of living has very little to do with how much money YOU make or how many possessions YOU own…I think it has everything to do with the way YOU choose to live your life in each moment.

Your standard of living is not decided by where YOU came from…It is determined by where YOU choose to go.

YOU don’t need anyone’s permission or assistance to raise your standard of living…YOU simply must decide to make the very best of who YOU are and what YOU have.

Do YOU wish to live a Kick-Ass life that’s overflowing with Happiness and Fulfillment?…YOU can most certainly do that, right here and now, by choosing your Attitude, your Perceptions, your Thoughts and your Actions.

Raise your standard of living in every moment by doing something to make your world a more Awesome place…Achieve the very highest standard of living by faithfully following the purpose that lives at your core.

There is always something YOU can do to improve the quality of your life…Continually seize those opportunities for improvement, and enjoy a rich, rewarding standard of living all the time.

Stop Making Excuses

If YOU think about it YOU don’t have to look very far to find an excuse to feel sorry for yourself…But why would YOU want to waste even a few moments of your precious life on self pity?
It’s easy to come up with perfectly reasonable excuses for lowering your expectations and hiding away from life…But then all YOU are left with are worthless excuses.
There are certain circumstances under which some people see themselves as victims….Yet under those exact same circumstances other people find and make the most of truly great opportunities.
When YOU expect life to be cruel and harsh, it will live up to your expectations…When, on the other hand, YOU consider yourself to be extremely fortunate, YOU will become even more so.
There is great value in every moment…Positive possibilities are generated by every turn and twist of fate.
No matter what may happen or fail to happen, life is what YOU choose to make it…Choose again and again, in every situation, to make it Great!



Guess what…YOU are the Landlord of your mind and YOU alone get to decide which thoughts YOU allow to live there. So wouldn’t it make sense to fill that space with the most Positive, Productive, Empowering thoughts possible?!
If YOU have nagging doubts or poisonous resentments living there causing YOU problems, YOU have the power to evict them from your mind….And once they’re gone, it makes space available for thoughts of Gratitude, Confidence, and Kick-Assness.
Those Positive thoughts are the ones which will reliably pay the rent, month after month, year after year…And there are plenty of good, Positive thoughts from which to choose.
The thoughts that take up long-term residence in your mind will play a major role in determining the quality of your life…So fill your mind with the best, most Positive thoughts YOU can find.
Insist on only the best in your thinking, and that’s what YOU will get…Even if YOU can control nothing else in your life, YOU can indeed exercise powerful and effective control over the thoughts that occupy your mind….And by so doing, YOU will make it a great place to be.

Opportunity Just Ahead!

This Sexual Reference day will be filled with Opportunities…Each day we are above ground YOU will be given countless Opportunities to be, or do, or create whatever YOU desire!
Sadly, very few people ever take advantage of the Opportunities that come their way…Not because they don’t want to, but because they’re unable to. Because they are not adequately prepared.
We often look at highly successful people, and conclude that their success is the result of being “in the right place at the right time.” While that is true, it was not random good fortune that put them there…It was preparation that helped them to see the Opportunity in the first place, and then to make the most of that Opportunity.
Preparation is not usually fun or exciting…It can be tedious and unfulfilling in the short term. Yet it is absolutely essential. To enjoy Success, YOU must discipline yourself, day after day, to develop your skills, increase your knowledge, make new personal contacts, and lay the groundwork for your Success.
When YOU prepare yourself…YOU are always in the right place at the right time.

You Are Awesome

As YOU begin your day, remember YOU are always YOU…No matter what kind of car YOU drive or what size house YOU live in. YOU are always YOU, no matter what color your hair is, or how much YOU weigh…Inside, it is always YOU!

YOU are not your job…YOU are not the clothes YOU wear…YOU are not the body in which YOU live…YOU are more. YOU are YOU. There is no one else like YOU anywhere…YOU are unique…YOU have a special contribution to make, not in the distant future, but right now, today.

There is something YOU can do right this moment, for which YOU are absolutely the most qualified, the most appropriate, the best suited person to do it…YOU are better at being YOU than anyone else in this world…It is your responsibility, so make sure YOU never allow anyone stop YOU from being YOU.

YOU are YOU…Make the most of that and YOU will understand how very special it is.