The Power Of Love

Love is difficult to define yet easy to recognize. The more of it YOU give away, the more of it YOU have. The less YOU demand of love, the more it will bring to YOU. The fewer conditions YOU place on love, the more perfectly it will suit YOU, and the more meaningful it will become.
Love can make a powerful, positive difference whenever it is present. And love can work its magic in every corner of your life. Give love to another and YOU forge a connection that empowers YOU both. Love the world around YOU and it will become more beautiful as a result.
Love what YOU do and YOU become considerably more effective. Add love to knowledge and YOU will have wisdom. Love life itself and YOU will always find ways to give real meaning to every moment.

Earn It!

YOU deserve a life that’s filled with happiness and meaning, prosperity and fulfillment…Yet YOU can’t expect for others to give it to YOU.

YOU deserve the very best in life… And you deserve the priceless experience of working with commitment, determination and persistence to bring it into being.

A free ride is worth precisely what YOU pay for it. Instead of looking to get stuff for free, honor and respect the immense value of your life by finding ways to give the best YOU have.

YOU have already been given the miraculous gift of life… Now is your opportunity to find spectacular fulfillment in earning your keep.

There are great challenges and injustices that will continue to work against YOU. But there’s no real value to be gained by seeing yourself as a victim.

Instead, see yourself for what YOU truly are, a loving, caring, unique person who can make a big difference. YOU owe it to life, and especially to yourself, to make that difference, so work right now to make it in a great big, beautiful way.


I see so many ungrateful people in this world of instant gratification…When YOU grow up in a country were everything is Free and Instantly available, nothing seems to matter. It is only when one must work for something that it becomes important and a value is placed on that object.
It seems nice to imagine a life completely free of challenges. Yet such a life would be utterly and painfully meaningless.
It is what YOU put into life that makes life good for YOU. It is what YOU give of yourself that gives real meaning to whatever YOU experience.
Keep in mind that YOU must venture in order to experience adventure. YOU must give in order to know how truly great it is to live.
Don’t waste your time wishing in vain for a life free of effort. Instead, invest your precious time in loving, meaningful, value-creating, life-enhancing activities.
Make the commitment, invest the time, and do the work to make things matter. Your life has magnificent potential, so with your efforts give it the substance and meaning it deserves. And be Grateful for all YOU have.



I will be the first to admit that constant self discipline is not easy. It is the price YOU pay for achievement. YOU basically have two choices in your life. YOU can chose the “easy” life, a life free from effort and self discipline, or YOU can chose to pay the price for success.

At any given moment, the “easy” life of leisure and fun is the most effortless choice. The rewards are immediate. It is easier to spend the day at the lake than to spend the day working. It is easier to sit in front of the TV than it is to read a book or write a business plan.

In the long run, however, the easy life leads to mediocrity. If YOU don’t do much, nothing much gets done. Your life gets nowhere.

A life of effort and self discipline is more difficult on a daily basis. YOU have to get out of bed early every morning. YOU sometimes have to do things that are unpleasant. It isn’t always fun. But YOU end up accomplishing something. YOU make something of your life. All those days spent working and disciplining yourself will eventually pay off.

YOU can choose to pay the price of discipline now, today, and every day. Or YOU can chose to pay later with the price of regret. Just imagine how YOU would feel, knowing YOU could have had success, accomplishment, and wealth, but didn’t do it because YOU chose the easy life.

Just imagine the depth of pain YOU would feel when you realize it’s too late, that YOU no longer have the energy or the opportunity to make something of yourself. Wouldn’t YOU rather pay the small price of self-discipline now, and look back at a life of accomplishment?

Put the work in now! Go earn those Sprinkles!

Break Free!

Let’s face it, Life can get complicated when we make it so…But YOU don’t have to make it that way.
When YOU try to avoid life and insulate yourself from reality, YOU can make it unbearably complicated. When YOU fight against what is, and obsess over what has been, the complications YOU create can become a virtual prison.
But guess what, YOU can walk out of that prison at any time. Simply choose to accept the reality of the moment and to deal with life it as it comes.
Stop worrying about what is not yet real and may never be. Instead, live with discipline and value, with purpose and commitment, making the very most of this moment right NOW.
Let go of the anger, regret, resentment and pain of what has already happened. Instead, find something real about this moment right NOW for which YOU can be truly thankful, and give the best of yourself to it.
Allow life to happen, and the complications of your own making melt away. Allow life to happen, and YOU are free to fully experience its true richness.

You Can Do It!

Take a moment today to think about this, who in your life talks YOU out of more things than anyone else? Is it your spouse or significant other? Your parents? Your Boss? Your Friends? If YOU are like most people out there the answer is most likely YOU…YOU talk yourself out of most of your choices.

We all have that “inner voice” that has opinions on everything we do. That inner voice has its own perspective on YOU as a person, and is acutely aware of your limitations and shortcomings. Every time YOU attempt to step out of your box, to try something new and challenging, that inner voice starts in on YOU. …“YOU can never do that”..”It’s not worth it” …”What if YOU fail?”

Well, that inner voice is wrong. YOU can do it if YOU set your mind to it, no matter what has happened in the past. In fact, your biggest obstacle is convincing yourself that YOU can. The first step in doing that is to acknowledge that the “inner voice” exists, and then take steps to counteract it.

The inner voice will always be there. YOU can’t get rid of it. But YOU can keep it from dominating your thoughts and actions by supplying yourself with plenty of positive input.

Get yourself around positive, future-oriented people. Read books, listen to positive messages, talk back to the voice and say, “Yes I can!” Dwell on the possibilities, not the risks. Model the behavior of successful people YOU see in your life. Take action toward your goals. Remind yourself of your accomplishments and of the challenges YOU have overcome in the past. Write down your goals and review them at least once a day. Find your purpose in life keep yourself focused on it.

YOU can accomplish great things if YOU will just let yourself do it. I believe in YOU!




Persist, and one small effort builds upon another. Persist, and time works in your favor.

Persist, and what was once impossible becomes commonplace. Persist, and what was once out of reach will come to YOU in remarkable abundance.

Persist when events turn against YOU, and YOU will steadily put things back in your favor. Persist when there’s every reason to stop going, and the rewards will be even bigger than YOU can imagine.

Where YOU start matters not much at all. How much YOU persist is what makes the real difference.

To persist YOU don’t need any special skill or knowledge. The main thing it takes is desire.

YOU can persist when there’s reason enough. And somewhere in your life, YOU know right now, is that reason.

Disappointment Into Determination!

It occasionally happens that YOU become disappointed in yourself.  When that occurs, choose to transform that disappointment into determination.

Many times YOU will become disappointed by the words or actions of others.  At such times, YOU can take the power of that disappointment and transform it into effective, purposeful determination.

Experiencing the shortfalls in life can actually give YOU increased positive energy to create real improvements. YOU have the opportunity to take a bad thing and transform it into a good thing.

Disappointment is powerful because it commands your attention, and focuses your thoughts on what YOU envision for life. When YOU feel that happening, what you’re feeling is the chance to make a positive change in your approach.

So go ahead, and feel the legitimate disappointment, but don’t let it disappoint YOU for long. Know right away that YOU can let it inspire YOU, motivate YOU, and create an unstoppable determination.

Grab the opportunity that disappointment brings. Feel, in a new and powerful way, your desire to move forward, and put the energy of that feeling immediately to work.


You Deserve It!


YOU deserve it! That’s right my friend…YOU. Nobody deserves to succeed more than YOU. No one deserves to be happy and fulfilled more than YOU.

YOU are just as worthy and deserving as anyone I know. But, being worthy and deserving is not enough. It is totally up to YOU to live the life YOU deserve. It is up to YOU to set the goals, develop the plans and take the actions which will bring the success YOU deserve.

Sorry but no one can do it for YOU…YOU must take the initiative to fulfill your own incredible potential. YOU deserve it…And YOU can make it happen.

Sure, it’s easy to listen to those weak minded, negative people who say YOU are undeserving. And it would be easy to listen to those who promise YOU something for nothing. But they are all wrong! No matter who YOU are, YOU can and YOU must make your own effort to live your own possibilities. No one can hold YOU back and no one can do it for YOU!

The world is filled with opportunity for YOU…Make today the day YOU grab it and run with it. YOU my friend deserve the very best and YOU are the only one who can make sure YOU get it!

Keep Going!

When you have a long way to go, keep going. When you’ve almost reached the goal, keep going.

Success is achieved by those who simply do whatever it takes to keep going. All it ever takes, is taking the next step.

When you’re frustrated, make note of your frustration and keep going. When you’re tired and weary, take time out for a little rest, and then keep going.

The real joy is in the journey, so give yourself the joy of making that journey. Pick yourself up, again and again, and keep going.

You know full well that you can do it, so do it. Remind yourself why you’ve chosen to get there, and keep going.

You are a bundle of beautiful and unique possibilities. Keep going, and bring the best of them to life.